The PC Earth is a well establish company which is growing, highly in the market, this company gives the service issues related to computer, laptops and printers. We have well experience certified professional to help with any issues related to computer and its related devices. We are always ready to deal with your issues anytime. We have a very high customer satisfaction rate, i.e. about 98%. You can dial our toll free number anytime and we will be there to help with your issues related to computer, laptops, modems, scanners, printers or any other peripheral device.

We are specialized in computer repairing services in the US, Computer repair services are readily available in local computer repair shops. But there is a risqué factor involved in hiring someone local who may not have the necessary expertise to get the computer fixed correctly. Therefore, it is always advisable to call an experienced and reputable computer repair service provider to get the best of services. Most computer repair service providers are diligent and solve any sort of technical problems with great dexterity. They specialize in delivering leading edge solutions for the technology side of your business or home. Most also offer computer repair service, laptop repair, technical support , network support, printer repair and related technology consulting services to small and medium sized businesses.

We identify the need of the computer system and treat them according to that, our computer technician is an individual who identifies, troubleshoots and resolve computer problems. Computer technicians possess the skilled knowledge, hands-on experience and different tools to repair and maintain computer hardware, software and network/Internet issues.



Dynamic technical experts has been specially appointed to resolve your all the desktop issues that you faces. It provides you fast and quick services through our remote or by reaching your home. So, if you are having any type of desktop issues, then just call the toll free number of PCEarth.


PCEarth technical experts solve all the monitor issues, whether it is of hardware or software issues of the monitor. So, if you are having any of the problem regarding your monitor, then you are free to call technical experts of PCEarth who is always ready to serve you and give you an instant perfect solution.


If you have any of the issues or queries regarding your printer, then you just need to call the toll free number of PCEarth. PCEarth has highly qualified and trained technicians, who have an excellent knowledge and technique to resolve your problem instantly without taking your time.


PCEarth provides a very efficient path to resolve all the technical issues for all the laptop problems including their peripheral part also. Our well trained and qualified technicians solve your problems in both the way i.e. online and offline. Our technical experts can easily provide you instant sales and services, just by reaching your home or through online services.


MS Office

PC Earth has special technical experts to provide solution for MS Office issues through its online and door services. Our technical experts has the greater knowledge about, the cause and the solution of all your MS Office problems and provide the perfect solution promptly.

Windows Operating System

PC Earth has an advance and special tech support for Windows issues, whose technicians provides you an excellent service at any places and any time throughout the world. We are always ready to serve you with our offline and online services as our services are present in the every corner of the world.

Ms Office Mac Home

PC Earth provides perfect sales and services for the Mac OS X. Our well trained and proficient technicians provide you instant solution, just reaching to your door or through their online services, concentrating over best customer satisfaction. We are always happy to serve you with our excellent services.

Microsoft Visio Professional

PC Earth specialized professionals for Microsoft Visio, deals with all the problems that you faces with Microsoft Visio. Our Microsoft Visio experts provide exact diagramming solutions along with the excellent tutorial to use Microsoft Visio, just reaching to you or through their online services.