computer repair services


Microsoft Office

Get the Comprehensive Office Support
  • Install MS Office
  • Update Office version
  • Office issues solution
  • Have Outlook solution
  • Customize Office setting
  • Optimize system

Microsoft Windows

Get the prominent Windows services
  • Install Windows OS
  • Update Window OS
  • Configure Window
  • Resolve slow Window issues
  • Optimize the Windows setting
  • Resolve windows crashing issues

Mac Operating System

Have Mac OS X Support
  • Install Mac OS X on system
  • Update Mac version
  • Resolve Mac crashing issues
  • Speed up the Mac OS X
  • Recover Mac OS X
  • Customize Mac OS X setting

Microsoft Outlook

Get the eminent Outlook services:
  • Set up Outlook on system
  • Configure Outlook
  • Synchronize Outlook
  • Resolve password issues
  • Modify Outlook setting
  • Speed up Outlook

Antivirus Support

Have strong antivirus protection
  • Install protection against viruses
  • Have firewall configuration
  • Have system optimization
  • Online threats protection
  • Install antivirus software
  • Get proper scanning

Email Support

Get complete email solution
  • Recover lost password
  • Reset password
  • Create email account
  • Modify email setting
  • Provide strong security
  • Filter spam messages

Printer Repair

Get the flawless Printer solution
  • Setup printer with PCs
  • Install printer drivers
  • Resolve paper jamming issues
  • Resolve ink cartridge issues
  • Speed up the printer
  • Customize the printer setting

Scanner Repair

Get the top-notch Scanner services
  • Configure scanner
  • Resolve scanner issues
  • Get scanner connectivity solution
  • Provide dull scanning solution
  • Fix slow scanning issues
  • Customize scanner setting

Routers Repair

Shoot away Routers issues
  • Disable file sharing through the router
  • Resolve DNS issues
  • Resolve Wi-Fi signal issues
  • Provide dead spots solution
  • Increase the speed
  • Resolve locking out issues

CPU Unit Repair

Get the complete CPU unit solution
  • Check the power problem
  • Solve the overheating problem
  • Replace driver
  • Resolve motherboard problems
  • Shootout the RAM issues
  • Check the CPU properly

Hard Disk Repair

Get the smart hard disk support
  • Provide strong protection
  • Recover back your all the data
  • Have hard disk malfunction solution
  • Make information accessing perfect
  • Resolve hard disk worn out issues

Monitor Repair

Have prompt monitor solution
  • Get blue screen solution
  • Flickering wave issues solution
  • Screen resolution
  • Screen color fading solution
  • Power issues solution
  • Screen broken issues solution